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Animator-friendly simulation tool for Maya

Animator-friendly simulation tool for Maya, allowing animators to quickly and easily add overlap, overshoot, spring and drag motion. Works with any rig.

From animator for animators. Make more stunning animation in less time!

BroDynamics is used by leading gamedev and animation studios in the world.


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BroDynamics allows an animator without technical knowledge to apply nParticle, nHair or Bullet simulation to any rig, to simulate things like Tails, Bellies, Long Ears, Antennas, springs, falling objects, ragdolls, and a lot of other cool stuff, and bake it on controls. It can save a lot of time and allow to animate faster by allowing animators to spend less time on more mechanical aspects of animation and to focus more on artistic side of things.

For riggers and technical animators it allows to save time otherwise spent on embedding complex and heavy simulation setups into the rig itself. It also means that rigs will be lighter and more comfortable to work with and maintain.

This tool is perfect for gamedev, where you need to create a lot of animations in a limited amount of time, and where there is often no time or need to create complex rigs. But it can also find it's use in any other animation environment, like movies, cartoons, and other media, because of how easy it is to use.

You can learn a lot more about BroDynamics and BroTools and it's features as well as download a Trial on the official website:

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